Guys, What would you think of this woman if you came across her profile on an online dating site? Also should anything be added/ deleted?

Original is too long so I cut it in half and will post remaining part in updated section so read both before commenting. Thanks!
I just moved here 7 years ago and bought my first house. It's nothing fancy , but it's mine and it serves it's purpose of providing a stable permanent environment for my daughter. I spend a majority of my time remodeling. It's an old house over 100 years old , but full of character and charm. I love old Victorian houses, but this was as close as I could get with my budget... it's not Victorian - just old! So I'm half way there ! LOL

In the Summer I spend a lot of my time working in the yard and on DIY projects. With a half acre to take care of, most of that time is spent mowing and weed eating. ( especially with all the rain we get here ! ) I swear it seems like I just finished mowing and it's time to mow again... LOL Someone should invent an automatic robotic mower similar to the iRobot vacuum Roomba !

I have two dogs who are like an old married couple ! I'm actually kind of envious of the relationship they have... lol She's highly intelligent and quick and he's kind of goofy and slow, but together they are a perfect match. They argue and mouth fight each other, tackle one another to the ground, smack each other in the face with their paw , but at the end of the day when it's time for bed you look in and see him licking her face til she falls asleep and ever so often he'll get tired or fall asleep himself and she'll nuzzle him with her nose to keep on and he wakes up and does til they both fall asleep!

I would describe my personality as serious , but with a playful side. I am responsible , honest and dependable. I value old traditional values , but have an open mind. I am realistic and have my feet firmly planted on the ground. I'm not much of a daydreamer or a heavy romantic. I am intelligent and articulate and would like the same in a significant other

If you would have asked me 15 years ago if I would ever consider joining an online dating site I would have answered " Hell No! " , but fast forward 15 years and here I am. Why? Because as many of you have discovered the older we get the harder it is to meet new people. Unless of course you're that social butterfly that can go in a place alone and hit up conversation with anyone - that which, I am not ! I'm not in school anymore, I have a daughter so I don't go out to clubs or bars anymore
I AM here looking for a long term serious relationship with someone who is mature, honest, trustworthy , dependable and who has similar interests. I am looking for someone who can have and carry a conversation and shares easily his feelings and emotions. I'm the t


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  • I think it is too long. Thats one thing but i think more importantly is that u have revealed a lot about urself and put it all out there on a plate. There isn't anything wrong with that, but it gives me the sense that thats all there is to know about u and there is no mystery. To really capture someones attention, u need to give something short and concise which shows who u r, but add a little mystery so it makes him wonder and want to get to know more. He will be forced to contact u to find out and thats what u want right?

    • Thank You! Great advice!

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  • In each section you said entirely too much about things that don't matter too much. You didn't really tell them much about yourself which would make it difficult to start or want to start conversation.

    • There is a section that you check off your interests so that is not included in the written part... what other details about myself should I include in your opinion?

    • well if its only listing some interests i think you should mention a few more things you like to do. what you do for work (optional) things like that i guess oh! and specify you aren't specifically looking for someone to take care of your daughter

    • thnks

  • If I was older I would be interested in that type of women. You sound nice, respectable, and family oriented. That's what I'd look for in a serious relationship

    • Thanks, any constructive criticism?

    • You might want to try to make it a little shorter because I'm not sure if most guys would read through the whole thing but overall I think it's good

    • Ha Ha , I think your right !

  • Its a pity i'm not any younger
    In my younger days i could fall for someone like you
    kids i love kids i had 5 myself my mom had 13
    Take care hope you find what you looking for


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