He's so hot... But is it just not gonna happen?

Do I need to move on? Is this too much drama? His friend is a jerk!
Firstly, I asked him out and he said he would be keen later but not right now cos he just went through a messy breakup.

I work in hospitality and I met a friend of one of the managers... he was drinking with friends at the place I work at... He's a really nice guy and we clicked... He told Peter the manager that he was interested in me... And I got excited and added him on fb and we have been talking...

anyways the lther day pete sent me a weird message out of nowhere and I was mucking around in my replies thinking he would take it as a joke... I wish I'd never said anything!!!
He sent a message that said "hub" and as a joke I urban dictionaried it and sent him a message telling him I had and that it meant slut and I was like "fuck u."... Then I told him my ranga friend wants to challenge him to a "ginger off"... And he took it as a threat and got his friend to send me a message saying a friend had grabbed his phone as a joke and I shouldn't be so sensitive... But I was trying to be funny! And when I saw the manager at work I explained I was joking and he said, "you have blown it with my mate... He said that ur a head case."

so so soon after I started crying and he came and told me off again saying that he was joking... But it didn't feel like a joke...

im so upset! If I hadn't already blown it I have now... Cos he will tell his friend what happened tonight.. How is my chances with his friend any of his business anyway?

Can I change his mind to liking me again? Is the whole thing too hard? Is he not keen cos he kinds turned me down anyways... Am I waiting for nothing? Why do guys listen to their dumb friends anyway? Silly!


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  • Cool you work in a hospital too and so do I, well a private care home and a hospital casually. it was definitely a weird exchange at that; the joke did not go well for neither of you and you both probably got off the wrong foot. Things just need to cool off a little bit, talk about what happened and clarify the situation further, and then try to do some activities together with friends, and see whether your chemistry with him improves then, if not then chances are it's probably not going to happen.


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