My online profile said I was looking for casual sex, but now I met him and I'd like something more. What should I do?

Well I said in my online profile in a dating website that I was llooking for casual sex and/or a short or long term relationship. I talked a lot about sex with the guy, we even shared intimate details, and he knows I like sex and that I've had casual sex with a few people.

The thing is that when I met him for the first time it really clicked. We are very similar in many aspects and we talked for hours (also about sex). We met a second time, and we also talked for a very long time and he kissed me before saying goodbye.

When we text, we talk a lot about sex, and he's pretty much into getting inside my panties. But we also talk about other things. Great sense of humour and many things in common.

Now I don't know what to do! I'm not exactly looking for a very serious relationship, but I'm afraid of having casual sex with him and getting hurt, since what I feel for him is more than physical. I think he mostly wants to have sex but he also seems to have connected with me at another level too. I was thinking of letting things flow to see what's on his mind. Analyse if he tries too hard to get physical with me... or if he's just happy to hang out with me and talk?

If we meet again it's going to be the third date. If he's just looking for sex, at which point is he going to lose interest if he's not getting any?


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  • You gotta wait for him to catch up to your emotional level. You haven't even gone on the third date yet and I would say your feeling the honeymoon period with him... who knows? it might wear off or it would progress into something more.

    I wouldn't really bother about putting it all out there on the table and give him an ultimatum. I'll just take things as it comes on the third date. If your feelings grow stronger then you might want to talk about it and let him know what you really feel. If he doesn't feel on the same level as you... and he doesn't want to speak more about it... That is the answer shown to you right there.


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  • if you have many things in common... i think its a good thing and you may think of living with him or marry him... its really a nice thing to have things in common thats main thing required for a soul mate...

  • you did state you were looking for casual sex, so this is kinda what you agreed to. yet another woman wanting friends with benefits and catching feelings...

    • i also stated "Long-term relationship" and "short-term relationship" there :P

  • Consenting adults do what they feel is OK to do.
    Thus follow your wishes.

  • You basically advertised your free services to him. I wouldn't expect must more from him than any John might be willing to offer.

    • so you mean i should charge and make profit? -_-

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    • the way you write your sentences, I can't imagine you're anything else but an asshole! pardon my french.

    • The way I write my sentences? I'm not even sure what that means. I do not at all fit the descriptor to which you attribute me. If you only knew me, or inquired of people who do, they would likely tell you I am one of the warmest, kindest, most compassionate men they know. You asked a question, and I answered to my honest ability. Please don't be so hasty in passing such judgement onto someone about who know practically nothing. I wish you the very best of luck...

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