How do I approach her? Next year or is this to long?

I'm currently a sophomore and I'm crushing hard on this freshman but i can't approach her. I try to be myself around her but just act like a fool when she's around. I've never said more than five words to her and have zero classes with her. I've been putting off talking to her till next year give myself the summer to fix myself. But she's all I can think about. I feel sick when I think of her and get so angry when I see other guys talking to her. The problem is I keep thinking she doesn't like me but she doesn't know me or even my name. I want to know how I should approach her next year or is this to long? I just don't know what to do.


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  • If you have taken any classes is the past that are similar to what she is taking or with a professor she might have, then you could ask her about that. Or simply what classes / professors have you really enjoyed...


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  • You're putting her on a pedestal. Stop that. She's just a flawed human being just like we all are.

    You have to make an inner shift in your mind to learn not to put others above you and learn to let go of your expectations of the outcome. You can't idle in your head when you approach someone you like. You just have to learn to turn your worrying thoughts off and just do it.

    Your goal should just to be self amusing. Have fun and be yourself. Bring her into your humor and joy. Don't try to come from this needy personality.
    But don't expect anything.

    A phrase I'd like to repeat to myself is "If not her, then someone better."

    And honesty is the best policy I think. When you do walk up to her, just tell her that you find her attractive and that you feel nervous for admitting it. If she likes you and wants to date, awesome! If not, then that's also great. You don't have to keep this burden of wondering if she'll like you or not.


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