Really thrown that was I was overlooked for a gay guy?

So, there's this girl at the office who's kind of below myself and some other people I work with. Anyway, my friend, who's gay but he doesn't know it or isn't comfortable with it (but trust me his we're good friends and he's said a lot of things that reveal his attraction to men) He tells me about this girl that's into him and I kept watching it develop, but a part of me felt like it couldn't be true and that maybe she would be attracted to me (horrible I know) but I've dated girls who are in a league above this girl. I guess my question is what happened here? Why on Earth would I lose to an extremely feminine guy who's obviously gay? Also, why is it really throwing me for a loop?


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  • well girls tend to get along with guys who are gay, maybe he was super friendly to her and they just clicked, as friends.

    • Yeah, I get that. I've known a few very pretty lesbians that were really cool because they really got me. I guess when you feel like you're clicking with somebody your mind can ignore very obvious things like that they're gay.

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  • What's with the league thingy... I think maybe due to this you lose.

    • how does that make any sense? i didn't tell anyone about the league thing. It just is what it is. In terms of pure physical attractiveness I've dated girls who anyone would agree is much better looking regardless of taste that's what i meant but i don't go around telling people that.

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    • Thank you. Looking at it from that perspective, I'm happy for the both of them and I hope, even though I'm sure he's gay, that they continue to get along and get closer. This girl wasn't even on my radar before he told me that she liked him and I know nothing about her, so nothing lost but a bit of male ego.

    • Okay then, have a good day.

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  • you can't think about things that way. EVERYBODY has VERY different tastes, and the fact that she was attracted to your gay friend has little to nothing to do with your personal attractiveness. Comparing yourself to others will never result in an answer that makes sense, because, like i said, people like other people for various different reasons. I know its cheesey and overused and tiresome, but honestly, all you can do is be yourself.

    • Not cheesy. Thank you for explaining instead of just yelling that I shouldn't compare myself. It helps me understand your point a lot better.

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