The most confusing situation, he used to be engaged? Please help, what do I do? Do I continue talking to him?

Ok so one weekend I met this adorable guy who is exactly my type at the bar. We began kissing one thing led to another and he ended up sleeping over we fooled around but we didn't have vaginal intercourse. The next morning we fooled around again and still no vaginal sex. He then said he had to go to work and I assumed I wouldn't hear from him again so I plaryed it cool pretending not to care. He told me he'd text me later and I nodded I went about my day hanging with my friends assuming he wouldn't text but without fail an hour afterhe said his work would end he texted and we had very basic but comfortable conversation. That night my friends wanted to go out again so I invited him out he said he would dd so he picked my friends and I from the bar and slept over again. We fooled around but no sex my friends questions his intentions because they are very protective of me because I'm the baby of the group and I have the worst track record with guys! He told her straight up that he liked me and wanted to take me out. The next morning while we were cuddling I was looking him over and I realized he looked so familar to a guy I had met when going out with another group of girls, I assumed he was this guy's brother because the guy I had met previously who looked like him was engaged to a friend of a friend of mine whom I met maybe twice. Once he left I went to do some facebook investigation and found out he was the exact guy I had met who was engaged to an aquiantince however I causually brought it up to a friend of mine who knew the couple well and she informed me he had broken off the engagement over a month or two ago. She asked why I was asking but didn't want to run the risk of causing drama especially if he and I weren't going to go anywhere so I just said I had saw him out and wondered why I hadn't seen the girl with him. This guy is really nice though and he seems to be a man of his words where his actions aline with his words. He also seems keen on getting to know


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  • Go for it, but don't give everything you have too early. Don't make a mistake and then regret it. He sounds like a reasonable guy, mutual friends seem to confirm his story. Just take it slowly. It takes time to become magic, but magic will happen.
    Take care and stay safe!!

    • Thank you! Yeah I've had vaginal sex so I'm making him wait for that and yeah even his ex's friends can't say anything bad about him, and I mean when we met while he was engaged to the girl he was really sweet. We had all been drinking and I fell and lost my shoes and while everyone ditched me for the cab he sat and found my shoes and put them on for me and picked me up and helped me to the cab. He's just a geuinely sweet guy, I just don't want to cause drama

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    • All of my friends say he acted and looked like he liked me, he even mentioned me meeting his friends

    • Sorry, looks like it may fall apart. Hang in there a while longer. But maybe he's hiding a secret?

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  • Stay in it to win it. I can't see why his status "previously engaged" would make you hesitate.

    • Thank you :) I've just never come across this and even the friends who are friends with his ex have a hard time saying bad things about him so I think he is a good guy it just didn't work for them but maybe it will for him and I

    • If you know his ex casually it could be weird for him and her. Whatever they say about one another you hafta pretty much dismiss as half-truth.

    • I don't really know her, like an acquaintance

  • He's not engaged anymore, what's the issue.

    • That's true I just feel weird cause his ex will be on my dance team this year and even though I've only met her twice she is friends with one of my groups of friends

    • Yeah at most the situation is awkward but hey it happens.

    • That's true life is messy

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  • He's not engaged anymore. He's interested. You obviously like him. So go for it.

    Yeah, it may be a little awkward if you two start dating and you run into this acquaintance of yours that he was engaged to, but seriously, she's just an acquaintance, so who cares?

    • Thank you :) that makes me feel better! Yeah I think I'm going to try this out I mean they weren't meant to be obviously and I feel he and I have a good connection

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