How can I get more comfortable around my boyfriend if only see him once a week?

I've been dating this shy guy for the last two months, and we only see each other 1-2 times a week. Sometimes not even because we were busy with exams, work, and other things. We met back in October, and from November up until March it was a big question mark as to what was going on between us because we were both too shy to say anything and he would make all these half moves and never followed through.

So now we're going out, but we're still shy with each other and it does get quiet. I mean, we aren't shy when we start kissing and making out as there's a definite physical connection, but i've noticed there's this tension when we aren't and it does get quiet. We have a lot of things in common, so it's not like we're complete opposites. We're each other's first relationship, so things are new and awkard to us so how can i become more comfortable and at ease with him? I still get shy even holding hands in public (we hold hands regardess), but
things like initiating a kiss is still not easy unless we just finished watching a movie and are in a dark room haha


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  • Sounds like things are going well. If you want things to go a little faster or happen more often the best way to make that happen is to let him know how you feel. Odds are he is feeling the same way but is nervous that he might scare you away by going too fast! Let him know how you feel about everything and he should tell you the same and everything will develop in a stable manner and build into a more solid relationship.

    • Another issue i have is that we will hang out, but then i won't hear from him at all unless i text him. He said he was a bad texter, but i dont get why he can't even send a text once in a while. It's been me asking him to hang out the last few times, and i feel like there is no effort. Although, he works full time at a construction company and has been tired out from that but still... either he is super clueless as to how to be in a relationship or he isn't as into me as i thought? And is it normal for it to still be quiet? Sometimes i feel awkward, but i think it's because we're both shy, we dont see each other often or talk outside much... and it's our first relationship

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  • I have the same problem
    My girlfriend is a very shy girl
    You have to shy less


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  • You have to relax and give it time. It's the only way that you'll be comfortable around each other.


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