How do I proceed, after putting my foot in my mouth?

Hi everyone.

I have been single for a year, so I guess I would say that I'm a little anxious for something new. OK, so I met a guy and we have gone out on one date. We met on an online dating site. The first week, he texted me every day, and quite often, but then he started to back off a bit.

We went on a date this Saturday, and from what I could tell, it was amazing on both ends. He flirted a lot, kissed my cheek a lot, kept saying how beautiful I am etc. But then I didn't really hear from him.

So today I decided to text him, and the convo was good. After I got a sense that things were OK, I might have accidentally put my foot in my mouth by asking if I could ask him a serious question... "Are you dating and is there anyone you're potentially interested in" (insert 15 CAR PILE UP sound). He has yet to respond, and it's been about 6 hours.

I guess I asked because I just don't want to get invested if he's dating someone that has potential in his eyes. I'm not up for being disappointed when he chose her over me (I realize that sounds lame).

I feel like, I may have sounded way insecure to him, and have totally thrown him off. In your opinion how horrible of a move was this?


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  • i was in the same exact situation,

    but honestly, I feel its better that you asked,

    that way you know.

    and the fact that he didn't reply, right there is a sign.

    i think you should let him go. its not the end of the world.

    and even though the date may have seemed perfect,

    it just might not want anything more than just one date, or maybe a screw.

    and if that's it then he's not worth your time.

    i think any guy that can't give a girl a truthful answer is worthless.

    he most have something hiding if he won't answer at all.

    hope this helped.

    • Well right after you wrote this he text me saying we'll talk about all this later tonight. But he never called, and I ended up seeing that he was on the dating site we met.

      I'm guessing it's pretty much over. And I should just cut my losses.

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