Girls, I need yalls help with this one?

So its ben about three years since I've dated and I've basically forgot how to flirt or how to know if sumone is flirting do y'all have any helpful suggestions?


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  • Hello! I flirt a lot so I can help. If you want to know if someone is flirting with you its easy to recognise. Well it depends on the girl wheter she is the bold or shy type. I will tell you for both ok:). So she will smile a lot or smile away shyly. She will compliment you, you know tell you what they like about you, some girls will twirl their hair, one I love to do is to look a guy in the eyes then look on his lips... I dont stare on his lips too long though! Like 5 seconds maximum, sometimes I direct his eyes to where I want for example I put my hand on my face while talking and slowly move it down to my breast or something. I do this while talking and act as if I am unconscious about it. It always work for me. And most of all I dont over do it all. I stop and see if the guy will flirt with me. So this is your part.
    I have a lot of male friends and this is how they flirt. They are bold really bold, they compliment in the beginning, they try to make the women feel comfortable so for example they would ask the girls about themselves, as women will see you are interested in their lives and also they are comfortable talking about themselves. That's when you include one or two things about yourself and try to make a link. Also one I notice a lot is men stare on women breasts... I would suggest you dont do it!!! Look in her eyes instead, smile with her, if its going well you will know. Hope I was helpful!!! :-)


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  • Just find a girl who you're attracted to and make small talk.

  • Say hi, invite her to a cafe or to a movie, be polite


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