Isn't this too much contact for a guy I just met online?

Last Saturday I met a guy on a dating website. We exchanged numbers on Sunday and started texting on whatsapp. Sunday we texted few hours. He works normal working hours and I am on leave this week as I had a minor surgery recently. On Monday he sent me a message before work and at lunch. And after work which turned out into a 5 hour conversation. Today he texts me after office hours but says he's in a class and its the break, texts for 30 mins n then again starts once he's home. We text for about 4 hours, he says he's sleepy but when I say I'm not won't go to sleep. Keeps texting till he fell asleep I think. Isn't this too much? What's the deal? The conversation is never forced or one sided, or boring though. I'm 24, he's 23 and a bit kidish.


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  • He sounds genuinely interested and is probably not talking to anyone else. You should be flattered. If its disturbing you during the day you should tell him what time to specifically contact you to not disturb you. Otherwise this just means that he is thinking about you that often. If its too much you should let him know how you feel.


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  • If the conversation is never forced or boring what's ur problem? And if u have a problem just don't Tx bk for a couple of hours


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  • Sounds familiar haha what's his name?

    • Did he turn out to be a creep or anything?

    • I think I know this guy or maybe someonle like him that's why I asked about his name. He maybe just trying to be cool and nice but still a little bit creepy.

    • Hope his name isn't start with ( W ) :-/

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