Flaked while setting up date plans?

So I texted this girl 4 or 5 times before I suggested meeting up in person a couple of days ago. She seemed really excited and said she "would love to meet up". I asked her when she was free in the next few days, and she said she would have to get back to me on her weekday schedule because she is swamped with work. But she did say she could do next weekend if that works for me.

I proposed Saturday afternoon, and she said she's free before 4 pm on Saturday, which is all fine and dandy. She said either coffee or drinks would be fine, but she wasn't sure if I'd prefer meeting in my town or a town nearby.

I said there isn't too much around where I live, so I said I prefer meeting her at her town (10 minutes away). I also said coffee sounds great and asked her if she knew any places around her town. I also asked if meeting at 2 pm would work for her.

And then... radio silence. No response for 48 hours. She usually takes a couple of hours to respond, which is reasonable. But now I'm kinda worried that she lost interest. I'm not sure if I'm lying to myself and thinking she must be busy, but it only takes a minute to fire off a message back to the other person, right?

I also think I screwed up a tad. I proposed a time, but I should have also proposed a place, like "how about we meet at X in your town at 2 pm?" That would have made it easier on her to accept. I'm also wondering if she is turned off or too lazy to suggest a location. As a guy, I probably should have taken the lead.

Any thoughts?


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  • Try to call her? If she ignores 2 calls then tell her off ( 2 calls -not within an hour)


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