How do I convince my parents?

I really like this guy and I wanna start going out with him but I have very overprotective parents. How do I convince them to let me go out with him sometime?

I understand you can't always relate to things by people my age but please help if you can. Thank you.


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  • Why do they even have to know? I mean, I'm not saying you should hide it, just don't say anything unless the topic comes out. I had 4 girlfriends, and my parents didn't know anything. I didn't lie, I just didn't wanna tell them, and since the topic didn't come out, I said nothing.

    BUT, if you do wanna tell them, just explain them that you just wanna hang out with him. Be respectful, don't be a "cocky teenager", if you show them you're mature for your age, they will take you more seriously. Just be honest; honesty will get you far ;)

    • Because if I went anywhere it's a significant distance and I have to have permission to go out. I'm a bad liar.

    • Ok, then just be honest. And don't lie, if your parents are protective, the last thing you wanna do is lie and lose their trust. Just be honest, tell them how you feel, tell them to give you a chance, you're their daughter, they should at least have enough trust and faith on you to give you one chance. If they're still reluctant to the idea of going out with him, ask the guy to come to your place and meet your parents, prove them you chose right.

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  • Just ask them and if they say no (which they can't literally force you not to) say 'remember when you was my age I bet you had a crush' or something along them lines.

    Parents tend to forget they was young once.

    I've used this with 90% sucess rate.

    Last was 'why are you so lazy' and alls I said was 'remember when you was a kid' and mum when quiet and my dad said 'oh shit he's got us again' 😂🔫

    • Haha, the problem is the distance mainly. It would mean going right into London and I don't know if they'd like me to travel that far.

  • by bringing him into your house/environment and letting them see he isn't a threat


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