I'm unsure about what this guy from Tinder is looking for?

I met this guy on Tinder (roll your eyes all you want) at the end of March, and we ended up going on a date after a week of talking. I didn't have any expectations so it was surprising when it turned out to be a great date. We ended up talking for 6 hours until the bar closed, and he was pretty nice; he paid for my drinks the whole night, and even offered to pay for a taxi home for me (I'd mentioned how dodgy night buses are).

He asked me out on a second date for the following week, but then had to cancel a few days before because of coursework deadlines and the fact he had to go back to uni (he was home from uni, and his uni is about 90 miles away). I assumed he was flaking and just wasn't interested, so decided to hold back on texting him. However he still kept texting me, and last week asked if I wanted to meet up this week since he'd be back from uni for a week. I said that I couldn't make it because it was too close to exams, which he understood. We continued texting, and then today we were talking about the general election and he suggested that I call him to persuade him who to vote for (I'm hoping this is an excuse to talk to me and not just talk about politics?)

So... I'm a little unsure about his behaviour. The long/daily texts, wanting me to ring him... can I assume that he likes me and is hoping to continue dating me when he's back from uni... or? It may seem like a stupid question, but I'm just surprised we've stayed in contact for this long.


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  • He like's you.. Maybe your one of the lucky ones on tinder who actually meets someone amazingly compatible


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  • He is interested. If he wasn't he wouldn't be texting, calling, or trying to meet up with you.


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  • didn't read. so have u fuked?


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