How to proceed , After a 2 week disappearance?

Briefly, been dating someone for a month, we had a small issue between us, nothing major or dramatic.. In my efforts to make amends she disappeared for 2 weeks, than came around apologizing for being gone, saying she had some news and her head was a confused mess atm...
Now she definitely didn't have any news, though I believe that my hot/cold actions have confused her and that's why she was quiet..
Should I continue as if nothing has happened , or just walk away... I am not quite sure what path to take


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  • Man, I don't know. On the one hand- maybe she really had problems, but on the other hand- I think she should be more emotionally opened to you if she wants it to last longer, so just move on maybe.


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  • hmmm... i see no reason 2 walk away dude... she didn;t do anything "drmatic" as it seems

    • Cheers pal... Yeah I'm just really confused myself, been over thinking...

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