How do I stop being shy and finally speak to my crush?

I've had a crush on him since last year, nothing too serious, I just think he's cute. He's been knowing I like him, my friends told him. Now in 2 months we are going to graduate and I may never see him again. Last week my friend told me he thinks I'm cute, and the only reason we aren't a thing is because I'm too shy to go up to him and so is he. Today she tried to bring me over to him, but I'm too scared to do it! Plus he would look at me and then look away really fast.
Should I just go up to him? I have him in two classes. What would I say?


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  • Stop caring what the outcome will be. That's what worked for me, but then again, I always have that nonchalant style, so it may be a bit more difficult for you.


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  • Go for it! I mean, its your last chance! Take it! Don't think about you being shy, just come up to him and say 'hey, how is it going?/how was class?' Then ask about his interests (his favorite sport, what he would like to do when he is older, what uni, any siblings?, favorite hobbies? does he have a part time job) Anything really. Just put yourself out there, that's what he is waiting for. He just needs a perfect green light before doing anything.

    Hope that helps and good luck!


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  • yes yes yes

    since these r the LAST months u could see him... take yer risks basically!


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  • Go up to him and think "Now or never". I told my crush I liked him, wasn't easy but, I thought now or never and pushed myself. You shouldn't ve so nervous yiu know that he likes you.


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