Do you instantly "friendzone" everyone if you're in a relationship?

I just realized that I do. It's subconscious for the most part. Do you notice if/when/why you do the same thing when meeting someone of the opposite sex? Or do you check them out anyways and possibly flirt?

On a side note, the term "friendzone" seems kind of immature, but there's definitely some truth to the concept behind it...


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  • if was in a relationship, thn i'd expect others 2 realise that they'd have no chance with me basically...:-P

    • Yeah, I think that's the other half of it. You assume they know you're not available, so it's almost an automatic response to put someone of the opposite sex in your mental "friendzone".

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  • I'm not a natural flirt, so yes.

    • Same. Maybe that's why I immediately do it, too. But does that mean that a very flirty girl automatically has fewer boundaries and/or takes her relationship less seriously than most girls would?

    • I don't think so. Some people aren't aware that they're flirting. It doesn't mean they don't take their relationships seriously.

    • Good point. I guess (and hope) people who ARE aware that they flirt would know their boundaries.

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  • Yeah, the friendzone is where you keep unwitting people who like you but who you don't really take seriously, they are good for ego massage and possibly a stop gap if/when your relationship fails.

    *I make friends, they aren't in the friendzone though, that's shitty behavior.


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