Guys, how often do you message girls you like before you are officially dating?

I met up with a guy I met online. We went for coffee and got along really well. We ended up talking for hours until we were the last ones left and were asked to leave the store coz they were shutting down! He messaged me that night saying he had a great time and we messaged some more the next morning. He told me he found me attractive etc However he hasn't replied to my last message but he has 'read' it and it's been 2 days now. I know he's a busy person with his job and hobbies but before our date he found time to message me late at night or early morning.

After the date I genuinely felt a connection with him and my gut says he feels the same way.

Can a guy really be that busy that he can't message? He also didn't set up another date during our first one but he did say that he wanted to take me to a nice lookout sometime.

I really like this guy but I don't want to message him first and end up looking too clingy. Is he most probably not interested anymore or is he just playing it cool?


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  • till the point she won't consinder meannoying basically...;-)

    • so you could go for a few days without messaging her and it won't mean you are no longer interested?

    • i'd rather her 2 tell me when 2 stop basically

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  • It really is up to the girl! Women have all the power when it comes to relationships so if you are ready most of the time they are just waiting for you!

  • Yes some people really are that busy. Some people just don't like texting either. I would wait another day or two and text him back or if your really confident call him. If he doesn't hit you back after that then maybe he isn't interested.


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