My best friend likes the same guy I like. What the foop do I do?

Okay so I've liked this guy for a super long time. And my friend knows this. She's had to sit through me talking about him for ages. And now my friend likes him. She knows I still like this guy but she talks to me about how he is really cute. When she does this I kinda just agree then stop talking about it. But the worst thing is my friend has a boyfriend. And she likes my crush. And now that she likes him she's saying she doesn't like her boyfriend anymore and she only like the guy I like. But she's not gunna break up with her boyfriend. And I'm so confused and mad. And I don't even know. Help please.


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  • Either make a move or move on. Yeah it probably isn't kosher for her to like him, especially when she has a boyfriend and is friends with you. However, you can't help who you are attracted to. You said you've liked this guy for a long time, so you've had chances. Either make your move and start dating him yourself or be prepared to lose him.

  • I know that people aren't territories for others to command and conquer, but I think Girl Code should be inserted.

    You saw him and liked him first. I think she should respect that. I wouldn't ever go after a dude my friend liked.

    Case and point: One of my friends really liked this frat guy and I ended up having a dream that I kissed him (I was NOT attracted to this dude). I felt so guilty that I had to tell her about it. I'm that kind of person to my friend. The dude is off-limits to me no matter if he's interested in me or I am in him.


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