From his actions, how does it seem he feels about me? What to do?

I have really started to like him. He told me he thinks I'm a cool girl to hangout with and that we hit it off when I asked him what he thinks of me. We have been out on a few dates, been hanging out, hooking up and talking for almost four months now. But the problem we have been far away from eachother from the start because I'm away at school, about two hours away, but now I'm moving back to the city so we'll be close. He told me a week ago he missed having me in town. I saw him a last weekend when we hung out with a group of friends, I said I would cab home but he offered to drive me home, and kissed me twice on the way home. I honestly dont know what he thinks. We talk a few times a week not everyday. We also drunk text/ call, equally as much. He gets very hot and cold. hasn't asked me to hangout, eventhough I drop major hints... at this point I just dont want to get hurt.. should I just give up on him? what to do? I feel like he's not making an effort really anymore. I don't know if its because of the distance, but still I think he could have made an effort. In the begining he was persistent, asked me out on a date. Even when we text, Im usually the first one to text him and ask how he is doing. Whats his deal, should I just give up and stop trying? I would want to keep hanging out and seeing where things could go.. but at this point it seems its casual from his end?


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  • You have a 50/50 chance is shy and isn't initiating contact or the start of the relationship. Or he likes you for what it is a friendlationship. He might not want to feel "tied" down. You can ask him out he might say yes or no. Or you can say nothing and live the rest of your life never knowing.

    • Well we have slept together many times now. And you mean there's a 50/50 chance he's shy? I would say he might be a bit, but he did ask me out the first time.

    • Then he might just not be that into you anymore and you have to accept that. Only way to know is to invite him out for coffe and start out by saying something like "listen I like you I'm not sure if you feel the same way and I'd like to know where we are going with this." Edit it for your own use. Since you two have made out slept together and so on, it's up to you to find out if there's anything else or if that's it. Don't be surprised if he just strings you along for sex and what not. I'm only highlighting the negatives he could be waiting for you and might feel the sane way you do.

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  • he's probably into you but not commited cuz of distance. back out now before oyu start falin gofr him. trust me, it is the hardest thing to get over and im just healing now from my situation. in our case, we sat down and talked about it. you should do the same

    • I would want to talk about it but I just dont know how to bring it up or what to say. I am back now permanently. So I don't know if I should try still since we're close by or just stop everything. I feel it was casual because of distance..

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    • Thats true, I agree. I didn't really plan on moving back to the city, nor did he really know that until recently. So I guess it might have been casual on both our ends because of the distance, but then I got more feelings for him. So just not sure how to progress from here

    • trust me. you HAVE to talk to him. it may be scary, but if you dont you will fall into what im just getting through. its taken me 6 months to get over my guy and im just starting to accept it. u have to talk to him. my guy and i have had the conversation numerous times because we want to date, but he isn't ready to date cuz he broke up with his ex to be with me, only to realize he wasn't ready to date (understablly). then he decided to go back to his old university, in another state and so we never go the chance to figure us out or give him time to heal. we decided it would be best to try and move on and that maybe one day we can try us out when were both in the same place in life. it hurts, but its better knowing how the other feels than having to sit there and constantly wonder

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