How many days is considered as the "space" to give a guy when he is pulling away?

Guy meets girls, guy likes girls they get on well and they get together for some fun time. When he leaves he said "see you soon" He didn't disappear he still text you but he is not arranging to meet again. You can sense he need space because he is busy and also possibly wanting space to sort out his feelings for you..

How many days should you wait for him to be in contact before writing him off?
Thanks ladies he asked me out again :)


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  • I'd keep in touch. Even if it's hi how are you? If you like him, make sure you let him know you are still there.

    • he did say hi how are you. I responded and we texted a little but I can sense he is distance. I hope he knows I'm there.

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    • ok I will give a week or 2 the max!

    • Thank you for the mho

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