Girls which would you respond to better?

Two Guys tell you they like you

One of them is really nervous
the other one says it pretty effortlessly

which one do you prefer?

more answers pls


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  • The latter. To me, it shows confidence that he was able to tell me something that may have been nerve-wracking with ease.

    • thanks for your answer!

      But what if you looked at it this way:
      the former actually meant it, he's the one with the true feelings and is nervous because he's scared that it goes wrong

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    • beautiful answer, thanks :)

    • You're welcome. I hope this gets more answers because it's a good question.

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  • How they say it doesn't matter. What kind of people they are does.

  • If I am attracted to him then I just love it regardless of how he said it. The nervous guy - I'd know he meant it as he was nervous saying it. The other guy - he's either really confident or a smooth talker.


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