My boyfriend doesn't make me feel pretty matter of fact he makes me feel unwanted?

We been dating for some years now.. its been a while, usually in the beginning I was very confident and had high self esteem and never needed anyone's option including my bf...

but as time went buy my self confidence and self esteem gradually went down hill...

he always had a thing for blondes and Swedish girls I never had a problem with it uptill he started giving me less time and working more... and comments on girls pictures who are Swedish and telling them they are hot/attractive / that they are past pretty... we had arguments over this him telling me its nothing to feel bad about, he even stood me up on valentines day didn't even give me a card or show up although I was dressed at my best and waiting for him...

I asked him if he thought blondes were prettier than me he said some are and told me to get over it then I asked I his ex was prettier he said " no she isn't, happy now? " I felt heart broken... he tell me I'm gourgouse, pretty or whatever but I feel so unwanted...
And I still have strong feelings for him, when I'm with him I want to breakup, but without him i want him back... but I feel so unattractive towards him.


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  • Because he is trying to route your female hypergamy so you won't leave him. Ever heard the term monkey branching. It is where a female moves onto a new relationship with a guy she feel is better than her boyfriend/lover/partner without any care of the amount of sacrifice/history they have spent together.

    Guys who act sweet and nice and tell their girl is beautiful, give her gift and treat her like a queen usually end up getting cheated on or girl dumping him.

    Guys who call treat their women like shit, tease them and make them think they should be happy to be with them because they are the best they will ever get tends to have women who are loyal and love them.

    This is just how F up female brains work. Before anyone even says "not all women ar elike that". Sure i concede here, but majority are.

    Source: Real first hand experience of multiple men from all across the world expressing their relationship experience.

    • Well not sure if he doesn't want me to leave him, in the beginning and during the long run he would give me fair attention and make me feel special towards him but lately his attention has been towards other people and he doesn't really care if I say I'm leaving or whatever...

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    • Well it's about that time.

      1) Most likely getting bored of being with you. Again is said most pople in honemoon phase for 3 month (don't break up. just really lovey dovey). Things get flat lined after that and gradually get less exciting and boring. 3 years seem to be about right.

      2) Yeah most likely looking for a new girl to bang

    • Okay...

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  • It sounds like he is bad for you. It may be that the things you say and ask are causing him to answer the way he does. But regardless of who is causing it, you two are not good together.

    • It was great during the first two years and 9 months but lately he hasn't been considerate to my emotions...

    • And I asked him if I bothered him in some way or the things I do, he say I don't bother him nor he doesn't hate me...

    • And from what you said it does not sound like it is going to get better. If you two cannot fix it quickly, go your separate ways.

  • There are millions of men in this world dear, and the world is your oyster. I would find another love..


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