Lower my expecations?

Met a guy and we talked for a week, i gave him my number on Thursday and he contacted me on Friday and we met on Sunday and Monday, and on tuesday-thursday he is gone on a work trip for 3 days and i texted him yesterday asking how i went and he replied after few hours and its understandable since he is on seminar but he never replied to my message afer that, i said i had been at work and was on my way home and was super tired, and i know there's nothing to say but i feel like i suck at dating and maybe i shouldn't have contacted him..
Our 2 dates went very well, but I don't know maybe im overthinking!


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  • in my opinion he really is that busy between the business itself, and hanging out with the business people outside of work.

    He should resume contacting you more regularly once his trip is done! :)


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  • You're definitely overthinking. Relax.


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  • You are overthinking, stay cool babe!

    • Just stay confident and dont text much? and dont be needy?

    • exactly! just keep it real.

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