Girls, Why are men expected to be dominant and take the lead when clearly women are the only ones with real power in a relationship of any kind?

Most of my life I've been socially confused and even after marriage I still do not understand what the deal is here! Women expect men to put themselves out there and take the first steps and take the lead in all relationships increasing the chances that men get rejected by at least 75%. I would to know why? What makes this a justified and acceptable practice within a society in which women have complete control over men and the relationships they are in? Have women just become that selfish and controlling in our society? I'm not sure what else to conclude!
Equality exists in every aspect in our current society I cannot think of anything in which females do not have equal rights and chances now.
I find this to be an outdated social structure and needs to be revised for current society and the good of man. A lot of very good kind of heart men are being left in the dust because of how confusing and chaotic women are with the selective process. You ask for equality but don't take the same steps with us? whats up with that?


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  • Its tradition and girls just like it. It makes them feel happy and worth more than if they made the first move. But of course, girls can still make a first move if they want.
    As for the controlling part, i think both genders can be very controlling. It depends on personalities; if someone lets another control them, if the person is naturally needing the feeling of dominance, etc.


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  • ... I have no words other than
    And good luck may the odds be ever in your favour

  • No we're not.

  • To create equality. Women are more powerful in relationships and you get a chance to be powerful and dominant elsewhere


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