Gig Etiquette? Help me haha?

So I'm dating a guy who happens to be in a band, and he's invited me to go to his gig next week..

I've never been to a gig, plus his friends are gonna be there so I'm extra nervous because I've never met them haha!
I reallllly like this guy and don't want to look a total wally!

So what is the right gig etiquette haha?

- do you dance?
- do you sing along?
- if you've managed to get a table, do you go stand at the front? Do you just stand up at your table? Do you stay sat down?
- do I record it or is that creepy because I'm dating him?

I just don't know haha!!


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  • I have a musician friend. His GF goes to some of his gigs, but they've known each other for 10 years. Bottom line, just act as you would for any musical gig. If a song makes you want to move, go for it, but don't feel obligated. He'll be thrilled just because you're there to support him. You don't have to record it; the band will do that themselves if they want. Sit in the back or front; it doesn't matter. In short, just have fun and enjoy yourself.


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  • Just go and hang with all his friends or whoever you are going with. Just stick with them and do what they are doing and you won't be the odd one out :)

  • You hang around like a spare part for a few hours pretending the music is good.


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