Who the hell said that Asian Men don't like black women?

My friend and I are both black, intelligent, and beautiful. I'm confident (idk i just am that way?) she's a bit shy and insecure but thats just her. She really has a bad case of yellow fever lol and stuff and she only wants to date Asian guys but doesn't know how to approach one and ask.. She says she's never approached by Asian men or even men in general.. She is very scared to even ask because she says Asian men dont like black women. Im not sure where she heard that because I get approached by black, white and Asian even Spanish men.. My point here is how can i get her to stop thinking that just because of your race a man won't like you? A man is a man no matter what his race is XD Who said such a thing?


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  • "A man is a man no matter what his race is" this would be true in a perfect world but not in this one.

    • It is true though lol everytime I've met a girl whose been afraid to date outside her race she says its becaues she's black... WTF? If you're pretty and confident or have something he likes he will go for you plain and simple.

    • Its just that many still hold on to racial stereotypes and will judge people by the color of their skin.

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  • Majority don't. They either date other Asians or go white

    • Hmm really? I've never had that problem lol

  • Don't let stigma stop you from pursuing your taste in men. You can't really stop her; she has to help herself. Her self steem in this is the problem. Just because she's black doesn't mean she can't get one to like her and date her. She has to work on herself to get that.

    Dating outside of your race isn't the easy thing but it's do-able

    • And try not to use the term "yellow fever" unless she has a fetish which isn't a positive thing. She could get hurt.

    • yeah i keep telling her its not something so difficult we're all people yes, some people are racist but people have more important shit to do than be racist all the time lol

    • She'll be okay in the long run

  • My understanding is that if and Asian brought a black girl home his or her parents would flip out.

  • Asian men said it.


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