Meeting for the first time this guy I matched on Tinder and everything went well except this?

Im Asian he's European. So we were talking in a coffee shop first then went to have dinner. After eating he took the bill but I suggested to pay for it cause he went all the way near to my place (far from his home)

I thought at least he would insist that he'll pay but as soon as i said that i'll pay, he asked 'are you sure' LOL in the end I paid.

Next, going home. Altho my home is near, he hinted to me that I should just walk. - This what blew it.

Is this normal in first meetings? It was nice talking to him but I didn't find him gentleman.


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  • "Next, going home. Altho my home is near, he hinted to me that I should just walk. - This what blew it."

    I don't understand. Were you expecting him to either escort you home or get you a taxi home or give you a lift home?

    • at least an offer to give me ride home. Well, i dont have really much experience with european guys so yeah..

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    • Sex happens when you both are ready to do it together. If you want it and he's not making a move, make a move on him!

      I want an invitation to the wedding - though maybe don't tell your family random advice off the internet convinced you to give him another chance :p

    • Hahah! Why not? No harm on that lol but i'm limiting myself, i dont really want to get attached too much and by the way, he showed me a picture of his flat and told maybe i could visit sometime. Thats the signal right!! Hahah I felt that he wanted to spend more time together, well me too actually.

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  • oh man... that;s absolutely normal basically... wot could u expect from a STRANGER?

    • But we talked for hours. at least a rapport has been established. If European guys are like this, then no way.

  • "Thanks feminism"
    Welcome to a mans world.


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  • Its all about the first actual meeting. If sparks don't happen and you don't think highly of him after that, then just tell him thank you but no thank you

    • I honestly liked him but I dont feel like sending him message now lol

    • It happens. Its a bit easier to talk to someone over text or chat messages, but if there isn't a physical attraction or a spark when you meet face to face, nothing can really be done. Best to end it and move on

  • He hinted at you to walk home alone, rather than walk or drive you home? Maybe he was trying not to be invasive - a lot of women don't feel comfortable having a guy they just met know where they live, so he could have been thinking of your sense of comfort in not making the offer to walk or drive you home. Did you ask him if he'd like to walk with you?

    As for footing the bill - you offered, and he took you up on it. Especially since you offered a reason why you should pay, it probably seemed like it would be silly to argue.

    I'd say that if you enjoyed the date with this guy, you should brush those things off and go out with him again. This time, when he goes for the bill let him pay it (you paid last time - this is fair). If he automatically assumed you'll pay, that's a bit of an issue.

    • You have a point here. Its my first time to meet someone from Tinder. I didn't have to ask him to walk with me cause he told it first that he doesn't want to walk lol also he already mentioned about our next meeting but he told its far from my home. Well, he can drop and pick me up somewhere right? I dont know. Should i text him?

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