Help! What does it mean when you ask a girl on a date but she says "ok you have one chance". Does this mean I have to go all out? (please read)?

I'm very nervous and scared. I had the guts to ask this girl out on a date. I have liked her for 2 years and overall we have together. So this is what i said to her "i really like you and was wondering if i can take you out on a date Friday night". She said back "awww, oh that's so sweet, ok but you only have one chance". This very very much confused me. My interpretation is like i have to go all out for her, wear nice clothing, wash/wax my car when i pick her up, take her to a nice restaurnt, and be a gentleman around her on Friday and comment on your beautiful she looks. (this is what i plan on doing, do you think this is good or no?)

I'm shy and she knows that but like the words she said scared me lol. What if i blow this chance because she said i only have one chanve? :( Girls what do you mean by this? is it what i said? Is this just a "testing" tactic you girls use? Please please help.
Can anyone else help?


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  • I wouldn't focus on spending money and being a suck up.

    If anything, focus on trying to make it a fun evening that expressed you and what you'd like and what it would be like being with you, which isn't going to be all you sucking up and blowing money. Either she's into the real you, or she's not. So make sure you show the real you.

    • That is the real me, just act nice and curdious. I'm not trying to show off but because she said "ok you have one chance", it through me off a bit

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