Should I tell this girl that her boyfriend has been flirting with me?

I've been talking to this guy for about a year now and i've recently found out he has a girlfriend who he;s been with for 2 years, i;ve asked him about it but he;s denying it. The messages he's been sending have been very flirty and he;s also sent some dick pics to me. He kept telling me he reallly liked me and loved me and wanted to meet up. Do i tell his girlfriend about all this, im not sure what to do, please help


Most Helpful Guy

  • I feel that you don't see a future between you too, and I advise you to cut all connections and making it clear to him.
    So you must consider to evaluate the other relationship (him and his other girlfriend), and weather his condition is tolerable and there is hope for him to be better, or tell her because you see he doesn't hold a good future for her and you think that they should be separated.
    If you know her really well there is the option where you tell her (as you know she won't freak out and ruin a possible relationship) in the hope she can help him to be a better person.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Think about it. If you had a boyfriend and he was doing that to some other girl would you want the girl to tell you all the things he's been doing behind your back?
    If that was me hell yeah I would tell!


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What Guys Said 2

  • Why would you do that? What would it achieve?

    • it would let her know that she's with a guy who was trying to cheat on her

    • So what does that achieve for you?

    • nothing, im not trying to achieve anything for me, i want to help the other girl

What Girls Said 1

  • I think you should tell her about it. She deserves to know.

    If I was in her position, I would appreciate someone letting me know.


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