If he asks u if it's true and u say"I like him but I love u" will he break up with u😞?

My boyfriend told me" your the only girl I love " and you tell him u love him, and then your friend tells him that u still like someone else would he break up with u?


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  • there's a reason why boy girl unions are called couples
    the comprise two people not more
    he may break up because he will be hurt if you like two people

    • But I love him and he knows that, and he doesn't know yet, and my other friend told him that I want to kiss him (yes we haven't kiss, and yes it'll be my first kiss)

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    • go tell your old crush that whatever he heard is not real and continue loving the other guy

    • Okay, thanks

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  • It depends on the guy, but I would think yes, if the dude feels betrayed. Why are you still liking someone while being in a relationship with another? Bad way to go.


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  • It depends on the guy.


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