Am I looking into this too much?

So, I met this guy online the other day and we really hit it off. We have a great connection and are into all the same things. He really wants to meet in person but I said I want to wait and get to know each other first. He completely understands and agrees. So we talked all night and all day on Monday night-Tuesday day. And he replys really fast and all keeps the converstion going. Then Tuesday night nothing... Wednseday nothing. Maybe he's at work, thats what I'm thinking but I'm kinda worried, like did I fall for this bs again? Was he just playing me? I also tried talking to him first and nothing... Please help and give advice. I think looking into this too much and am being stupid. What are some of your thoughts?
Yep, I'm pathetic...


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  • This has happened to me on occasion. It really freaking sucks, especially when you feel a connection. The best advice I can give is just to not worry about it, you'll probably meet someone if this doesn't work out anyway.

    Best of luck.


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  • If I were talking to someone all-day (if it's not an exaggeration) for two days straight, I would be drained from texting. Especially since I HATE it to begin with.

    So just chill and wait for him to message you back. He probably needs a short break.

    • Doesn't justify him breaking contact completely with no warning or reasoning.

    • Nope unless if he's like me and doesn't look at his phone for days at a time even though he knows he should (and probably put it on silent), but people should have the sense, in my opinion, to not text all day or 8 hours straight. That's SO annoying. I think a limit of 30 texts is enough, but I get bored after 10.

      Even IM or chatting is annoying. Just go hang out in public. I'd rather do that.

      Yeah, it's rude, but I wish people would understand that texting ALL day is a bit ridiculous... especially when you first meet.

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  • Keep yourself busy, you're coming off as desp. right now


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