What to do when there is no one to date?

It's never right. The guys like, if any, I don't have enough guts to ask the out. It seems that only the guys I have no kind of interest in is the ones that is always stopping me the halls to get my number. I don't want to start online dating I've only had bad experiences, and I not dispersed enough to just go out with any guy. What do you suggest I do?


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  • Date Taco Bell, thats what Im doing and you won't get hurt.


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  • tone down yer standards maybe?

    • Yeah, it is quite high.

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  • i feel ya girlie but just stop focusing on dating you have the rest of your life to be with someone the single life is the minority! and once your out of a long term relationship you'll realize how different and amazing sinlge actually is! just dont focus on it too much but eventually a guy will come around that you can't resist!