Guys dating a girl with a big dog?

I adopted a dog about a year ago and one thing I have noticed is that non-dog owning men I've dated don't seem to understand that I still have to get up and walk her before sleep even after hours in bed with the fun stuff. Even the ones that like dogs don't seem to enjoy the idea of her coming with me for sleep overs but then get upset when I have to leave to go walk her in the morning.

It almost feels like dating sites should have questions on if you will/ won't date a girl with a dog in various scenarios. If they don't want my dog coming over to their house and shedding (she doesn't bark or chew) I almost hvae to ask myself if it is even worth dating them since living together would include my dog.

Cat guys are def out because she is a game dog.

Men without pets what are your thoughts/ feelings on dating a woman that has a dog? Do you get used to it as you get to know the dog or if you aren't psyched to take the dogs on walks and play from the get go does your attitude towards the pet pretty much not change?

I know some people think it isn't fair to expect your date to dig your dog but when a guy comes over to my place for dinner for the first time and ignores my dog I notice and it hurts her feelings. I've seen the poor things try trick after trick to try and get a guy to play and it breaks my heart when she finally gives up. :'(


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  • I'm not much of a pet person, personally. If I wanted one, I would have one, so dating a girl who loves dogs is kind of a balancing act, basically.

    If I really liked the girl, then I wouldn't see dog ownership as a deal breaker, certainly, but I would have a hard time showing it affection. In your example, I feel that would be a deal breaker for you, and I'm sure there are other women like you out there. I wouldn't mind her walking the dog, obviously, but I just wouldn't see myself playing with it.

    It sucks, but I just have a hard time "connecting" with pets. It's just not in my nature, I guess. Oddly enough, I have no trouble playing with someone's kids. It's really just pets.

    • Thanks for the response and I understand where you are coming from. I actually think if a guy told me what you said above when I ask if they like dogs as opposed to "Yeah love 'em" I could work with this.

      I'd just know not to take you around my dog unless things became more long term so you aren't put on the spot I she can avoid the disappointment of the snub. If I liked you enough I'd just fork out the expense to have the dog walker come by more often and spend nights at your place.

      Thanks for the honesty this is something I didn't expect prior to owning a dog and it has been on my mind. I always saw owning a big dog more in the plus column then minus in terms of dating guys. Kinda like having a friend that owns a boat instead of owning one yourself? :)

    • You're very welcome, and I'm glad you didn't take my opinion as a criticism of dogs, in general. I have nothing against them; they just aren't my cup of tea.

      If I was with a girl like you, I would never expect her to shell out cash for a dog walker, because I wouldn't want her to think I viewed the dog as a burden, by any means.

      If we got serious, I would have nothing against her bringing the dog to my house. I would just hope she'd be understanding of me if I wasn't giving the dog as much attention as she was, at first.

      Her interests would be important to me, and that would include the dog, so I would make the effort, altough it may take me some time.

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  • If they aren't dog people you can't really force them to be. Do you not tell them ahead of time you have a dog. People with pets NEED to tell dates they have pets before they introduce them because they could have a serious allergy to the animal. I personally adore large breed dogs and I'd probably end up paying more attention to the dog than my date. Not on purpose but if the dogs cute I can't leave'm alone...

    • LOL like some people do with KIDS?

      Yes people will know I have a dog by the end of the first date at the very latest but usually before. They will know she is big, fast and not cat friendly. They also get to hear the good stuff about her but I think if you have never owned a dog it is possible to think you ARE a dog person but don't like vicariously experiencing the work that goes into dog owning.

    • I've had newfoundlands growing up. I know what it's like training large dogs and having to pick up their massive turds.

  • I walk my dog once a day in the early morning. Why do you think you need to talk your dog all hours of the night? :S

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    • Hopefully you have a yard or something? I live in an apt in a dense city and dogs need to be walked/ allowing access to relieve themselves at least 3 times a day dude...

      Sure she would hold it until morning but that really isn't fair to the dog. Vets recommend a walk every 8 hours.

    • Yes, I do have a yard. The walk is a daily ritual, but my dog does get plenty of outside time. It's not just to take a leak either.

  • ughh no-no

    tbh i'd b scared if she had a dog basically...: O

  • i have a big dog myself (unintentionally pervy sentence, srry about that) i love dogs.


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  • I wouldn't care if my boyfriend had to walk his dog. Id go with him.


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