Why do people fear me, hate me?

Why, why? Other guys hate and look down on me, and girls seem to fear me, and they think I don't know, I can see it in how they act, how they talk to me, I can sense it in them, WHY? I'm not the one that insults and berates people, I'm not the one picking fights even though I swear I wish most people would die, so why? I try o be nie and pleasant to everyone despite the fact that I've always been bullied and alienated, I don't do anything to hurt anyone, at worst I'm very talkative and act kind of dumb, but something to be feared? Can people just sense the anger inside of me and fear me accordingly, because, I swear, I didn't just fucking choose to be angry, 17 YEARS OF ISOLATION CREATED THIS ANGER WITHIN ME!!! But even then, I still try to show people kindness and compassion, despite how much I fucking hate them, so why, of all people, instead of the cruel, Narcissitic bullies am I feared? Why are arrogant jerks that insult people that don't do anything like me loved and cherished by girls and their peers? Why is it that people like me, me, I feel guilty when I snap at somebody for messing with me (like tossing my shit across a room), are insulted and isolated for reasons they don't understand, but the people that are abrasive and cruel and selfish that I'm surrounded by are treated like gods? Jeez, humans, am I right, just another foolish animal, like ants, I hate them. They destroyed my happiness, my idealism, and my self-esteem, and now they fear me for what they've done, how ironic.


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  • Is this generalised or based on something that happened recently?


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  • ^ I won't read all that. Grow some balls and suck up whatever "feelings" you have. Don't be a pussy.

    • By grow some balls do you mean do what a real man would do and take someone's life? You seem to be the typical gym douche, bro phag type, currently worshipped in your high school (where I imagine you'll peak), to live in an empty hollow existence upon realizing the real world isn't like the worthless hive known as high school.

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    • The problem is, I don't want to live in a world like that! So the solution to people treating me like shit is to treat other people like shit? To stop being insulted and picked on I have to insult and pick on other innocent kids? I refuse to be like them!

    • Trust me, I used to be like you in elementary school, now I'm a pretty popular fella'. You need to bring your own social class UP, don't rely on others to do it for ya'.

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