Should I Make a move? He wanted me to blow him last night. But that was sexting. And we were drunk?

Basically what the statement above said. Hot and heavy convo. With An attractive man last night, we've had sex before. A few years ago. He felt guilty about it. We were both single. ( I'm 21 he's 32) and last night he was all into getting into me, literally. Think he'll run chicken again? Or that he wants what I've got to offer. should I approach it? Or leave it be? I don't know.
He also happens to be the most tight lipped man I've ever met. Absurdly private. And that literally went out the window. Completely. And he seemed to be consistently reinforcing the possibility of a visit that must happen. According to him. And I started tipsy. Ended not. .., not sure bout him.


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  • if u were drunk... then wot happened last night... wasn't true at all...;-)


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  • If you like him, yes make your move! Be honest and direct with him!

  • What does your heart tell you?

    • I say, if two years ago was easy to bring up, why not. It'd be fun. And there's no love had, or lost. Just, fun.

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    • Haha hell yeah lol that's awesome, you're welcome :) you can private message if you want

    • Quite helpful indeed

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