Would be wrong to ask a friend out on a date just to help me with confidence?

I want to get over asking a girl out for the first time. Is it wrong to ask a friend out only because of this. Also if a friend of mine who I've had a crush on is moving away soon should I ask her out for this reason. I feel like there's no pressure. I think the likelyhokd of her going is low but there's still a chance. Will this help?


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  • You should only ask a girl out if you want to date her, otherwise you're using her which really isn't cool...

    • I like her though. I would definitely date her. I decided not to try because she was moving soon.

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  • Shut up.

    If you seriously want to get over the fear of asking a girl out, the first thing you need to do is gtfo the internet.

    • Just looking for advice. Plus I like talking about this stuff it's interesting.

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  • I think you shouldn't ask just for the benefit of you. I think you should ask if you have feelings for her or want to get to know her better.

    • Well I actually like her but decided to to pursue her because she is moving soon.

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