Why do I attract these type of guys?

Why is it that the only guys I can get to like me are either already married, have kids or are engaged? I don't want to get involved with anyone that has kids, is married or engaged. I'm not the type of person that goes around and dates. I will only date someone if I can potentially see myself marrying them. All the guys that I do like never like me back. It's not like I go after the assholes they are just the only ones that like me. The thing that atracts me most to guys is how nice they are
Sorry I do not know why it posted blank


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  • Because you're not specific enough. No restrictions on this ride? C'mon lads, all aboard!


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  • What type? I was expecting a picture? Or was your description alluding to guys who seem blank/boring?

    • You wouldn't date a single father? Maybe you're a bit restrictive in who you date. I mean, I understand not wanting to deal with baby mamas, but a guy with a single child shows--to me--that he's family-oriented which is ideal in many women's quest to marry.

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  • Could be possible you're overlooking what might be right in front of you.

  • Because you can maybe?


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