In love with my best guy friend how to get him back?

So I was best friends with this guy Adam for years and we were really close. He saw me at my best and my worst and knows everything about me. We stopped being friends a little over a year ago because I started dating a guy and Adam told me he had feelings for me. At the time I didn't have romantic feelings for Adam so we got into a fight about me dating that guy and stopped talking.

I stayed with the same guy and recently realized I'm in love with Adam. I broke up with the guy and tried to get in touch with Adam apologizing etc (even though it was both our faults) but I did not tell him I have feelings yet. He said everything is fine and he understands but he's been very short and takes forever to respond during a convo. I suggested we hang out and he said we could go to dinner after he gets paid, but haven't heard from him since. I know I really hurt him when I said I didn't have feelings so I think he does have a guard up.

Im not really sure what to do since I've reached out and started all the convos. I commented on a Facebook status yesterday and he liked it but he hasn't really texted for 2 days. I don't know how to really act in person when I see him if he does follow through with going to dinner. Any advice? Thanks :)


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  • Just tell him the truth. If it were me, I would probably invite him out and buy his dinner, and tell him I fucked up and was sorry and just tell him. You don't really have anything to lose. But at least you know you tried.

  • Just be honest about your intentions and tell him that you are interested, then he'll either reveal he still likes you that way or that he has moved on.


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