How can I get a guy I used to date to like me again?

I need as much help as I can get with this! First I should note... I am a very social person I could talk for days, but I know how to control it. But when it comes to flirting and all it's almost like I get awkward lol. Anyways there was a guy I dated my sophomore year for only 2 months... I know that isn't long. Well then my life got complicated and I broke up with him, but now I don't even know why. He was awesome. It was easier then because the first time I even met him I could tell he liked me. But now it's a little different. We still talk and all, not a bunch, but we are still close. And i just don't know how to win him back over. The hard part is I don't really know why he started liking me in the first place... so I have no clue on where to start! PLEASE HELP!!! May I add he is a social guy too... but same as me when it comes to relationships, he gets a little shy!


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  • Just tell him that you think it was a mistake to break up with him and you'd be interested in giving it another chance if he's open to it.

    • I'm kind of scared of getting rejected and then things getting awkward.

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    • How should i approach him... or better yet if i'm not ready what are ways i could subtly flirt with him to hint to him i still like him...

    • Subtle hinting is a great way to push the problem onto someone else, who may not even notice that you're doing it or who may do absolutely nothing about it leaving you in the same position you were in before but having wasted more time. You're better off just being direct, it's very nerve-wracking but it only lasts a few minutes. Just make sure that the two of you are alone. I've found that it's smart to ask a girl out when we're about to part company. Either we both leave excited or I leave disappointed but we get to avoid awkwardness.

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  • Well you guys had already dated before, so it might be easier to get him to like you again.


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