Why does his mom still want to see me?

My bf and I have been together for 4 years now. A couple weeks ago he moved to Georgia for a better job. Once I save up more money I plan on moving down there with him. We live in pa now. He used to live 15 minutes away from his mom and step dad. Well before he moved his mom asked if I will stay in touch with her and still come over once in a while for dinner. Of course I said yes but I was confused as to why she would want me to come over without her son because he is our only connection. Why do you think she still wants to see me.


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  • My mom did that with my GF when I moved far away for a job. Once a week my now wife would go over for dinner, on Fridays. It made them tighter. My mom probably knew it was serious with us as we dated for four years and engaged for one. I think mom was also making sure she was a good choice for me :)

    • Howcome your gf didn't move with u

    • I was building a career. The firm I was at would not have liked that but also she would not live with anyone as her sisters did and it did not work out for them. I did ask and she refused when I asked her and I think held out for the ring, and she got it.

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  • If your son is getting serious with a girl, you make an effect to like her. Because you know that she is going to be in your sons life, and possibly give you grandchildren someday.


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  • She may personally like you and hope that you get closer with her son. Or she may know how much her son likes you and therefor knkows you will continue being a part of his life, therefor she want to keep things good between you.

  • Think of it this way. If you marry her son... you become her daughter. Would a mother not want a relationship with her daughter?

    • I'll be her daughter in law which is different. Yes I want a relationship with her.

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    • But I have my own mom that loves me a ton.. I don't want another mother not to be mean. I like his mom a lot but she isn't my mother

    • Wow.

      Look, if someone wants to love and care for you, why are you complaining? And there's plenty of room in life to love more than one person. You should be grateful that she likes you and wants to be a part of your life.

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