Girls, has she maybe changed her mind?

So Im sort of seeing this girl. She said though on our first date (a month ago) that she doesn't date and hasn't had a boyfriend in years. Since then weve texted everyday and whenever we are together (which isn't that often) were very affectionate (kissing, holding hands, being general relationship-y etc) and have had sex but that ws before our first date. We have a mutual friend and were always really flirty with each other before we started this.

Her friends, including our mutual one, joke that were dating so does this mean she has at least talked to her friends about us being together and that she has possibly changed her mind?


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  • Hmm... it sounds like she likes the couple-y, affectionate part but doesn't want to label anything. Whether or not you're the guy who changed her mind and made her want to date, I can't say. But, trust me, she's definitely had conversations with her friends about dating you and whether or not she wants to be your girlfriend. So maybe she has changed it! The only way to find out is to ask her... next time you see her, tell her you want to treat her right and ask if you can take her on a proper date. Let her know you don't expect anything in return and that you're not trying to pressure her into labelling your relationship status; make it clear that you just want to spend more alone time with her. If she says no and/or starts to distance herself from you, talk to your mutual friend about it and see if she knows what's going through her friend's mind. But I'm sure it won't come to that. Good luck :)


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