Girls, Girls. You already know what it is homie?

You know how people just say they are just in it for the chase? Like a dog who is chasing a ferrari but not because it is a ferrari but because they like tl chase things. I feel that way with girls. The whole talking and spending time thing is fine but as soon as the idea of dating is apparent I self sabotage so things won't work out? Do I have like serious commitment issues or what?


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  • Definitely sounds like commitment issues. That kind of thing can do a number on a girl's self esteem and emotions. If you are with a chick, let them know up front you aren't down for a relationship if that is the case. If you do have real feelings for the girl, then try explaining you aren't good at relationships and it might take some time for you to feel comfortable. Take it slow.

    • Thankssssssss. I guess telling her friend that I was convinced that the girl wouldn't want to be more than friends is a bad idea?

    • That would probably be a bad idea... Girls get all sensitive about stuff like that. If you have anything to say about her, say it to her... not to her friend.

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