Do you think he is still keen?

Hey I am really into this guy and we have hooked up before. I went out the other night and he said to message him if i was heading out so i got to the place and messaged him and went up to him and chatted away i also remembered some of his friends so i went up and spoke to them too. We then headed to another club but my friends all left so i just hung out with him and his friends and we kissed a fair few times and then we would take a break and hang out with his friends. i tried hard to chat away to his friends because i want to get the tick of approval but dont want to think too much into it. As i was leaving and said i was gonna go we made out, then i asked if he still wanted to grab dinner as we discussed the other day and he said whenever suits. we kissed a bit again and then he walked me out and gave me a peck kiss on the lips as i left. do you guys think he was still keen? his friends wouldn't thought i was annouying would they? also when do yous think i should message him i was gonna say tonight or in two days time.

sorry im so stressed becuase i really like him.


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  • Who uses the word keen to denote sexual intrest. What r you a middle aged British woman?


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