What is so wrong about pursuing a girl as long as it doesn't cause discomfort in anyway?

I was looking around the web and found something ridiculous like you should never chase or pursue a girl blah blah.

Why it has to be so negative? What is so wrong with testing own abilities to go after someone who doesn't jump right away with you? Why it can't be fun? What is so wrong with enjoying her feminine energy who demands bit effort.

I mean isn't it very easy to go with the flow? I am not suggesting stalking a girl or bug her even though She says clearly that she is not interested but if she is giving mix signals why not even try a bit and confuse her as well?

Why can't I compell the girl not to like me but at least make her think about herself that what is it that I find so attractive and putting up an effort?

What do you say? Girls?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I see nothing wrong with pursuing what you want. Some guy asked a question and showed a clip about how women "love to chase" men.

    That's news to me. I know SOME do, but I would think the majority still love to be pursued by men.

    Do what you want is what I say.

    • Of course, yeah as it gives you a sense of value. Its extremely easy to walk away from the fear, uncertainty or whatever.

      All I want to say if I really like a girl, by all means I would go after her. What worst could happen, I will get rejected? I will have a peace of mind that I did TRY my best. She doesn't want to be with me to hell with her..

      I will immediately start looking for the next worthy girl!

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  • Waste of time. There are billions of women on the planet, why waste your life pursuing one girl who isn't actually interested in you? It makes you nothing but a fool. Find a woman who actually wants you.

    • Yeah, its not a problem and I am not saying to hoing crazy but you know you can still flirt or compliment or whatever just for the sack of fun.

      For example, I love Megan fox and I know its almost impossible to get her but if I meet her I shouldn't even compliment or flirt with her?

      I hope you getting what I want to say.

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  • Umm, that makes no sense lol.


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