I'm starting to have a crush on a guy I met online. I feel silly about it?

We've exchanged numbers and texted for a few days only. I liked the texting and he looks cute. A year younger but looks even younger. Feels like crushes I've had when I was a teenager. Not had one of those crushes since and it makes me feel stupid specially since I don't 100% know he's even real but my instincts say he is. Someone tell me I'm not stupid to feel this way.


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  • Why don't you Skype with him? I don't take anyone serious until I've skyped with them:)

    • Yes, thought of that and would feel better if I did. Is texting about 5 days too soon to ask to Skype? If he's genuine I'm guessing just asking can we Skype with video wouldn't make him feel awkward or uncomfortable. Correct?

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    • Didn't get a chance to Skype, but my instincts said he wasn't bluffing, so met him anyway. He was sweet, not sure if anything other than friendship would happen, but would like to meet him again.

    • Oh that's nice ;)

What Girls Said 1

  • You're not stupid. Feel better? Lol

    • In that tone, no

    • It's online it's hard to trust babe, but it your life, your choice

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