How do you discern between love, lust and infatuation?

How do you discern between love, lust and infatuation?


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  • Still around in 5 or so years? Yes = love. Looking all the time with butterfly's? = infatuation. Sex last night but no where to be found today? =lust.


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  • If you want to know if your in love you have to truly step back and ask yourself if you can see yourself being happy without that person in your life. If you can, your not in love. You also have to ask yourself if that person left you would you feel the same as if say you mom, dad or sibling died. Would you grieve as hard and deep as if one of them died. if not, your not in love.

    • That's actually a really good explanation, thanks heaps :)

  • Lust= I just want to fuck them.
    Infatuation= high school crush, you like everything about the other person and all.
    I don't know what love is.


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