Friends with benefits or more?

About one year ago I got out of a six-year long relationship. This guy that I work with, really help me after my ex and I broke up. After a while he started hanging out. He told me that he didn't really believe in relationships because his parents just recently got divorced, but we hung out a few times and things started to happen. he told me a few months ago that he wants to "stick it out with me until he's ready for a relationship. :) we work together and we also go to the gym almost every night together. We also have lunch after classes sometimes. About two months ago we are at the gym and he told me that he had changed his mind and that he was ready for relationship and that he wanted to take me on a date. Well we both work a lot and both go to school full-time, so he told me that over spring break we can go on a date and he had already planned it out and everything. Well we continued to hang out & over spring break, I asked him about the date and he basically told me that he thought he was ready, but he change his mind. so for a few weeks we didn't really talk that much. But then we started texting again. Now it's like he actually wants to spend time with me, after the gym we will sit my car and talk for three or four hours. Just last night we talked from midnight to 4 AM. He told me last night that his dad is used to him not having a girlfriend, but whenever he comes over to my house and hangs out he tells his dad that he's going to go see a girl, and he told his dad that he's been seeing me for ten months now. His brother also knows about me. This whole time how we've been hanging out for the past 10 months he has told me that he hasn't slept with anyone else. And I really believe him. I haven't slept with anyone else either. I've only been with two guys in my life but this guy and I have some really really good sex. I am a little confused about what he wants. Oh and one more thing, He says things like "if I ever meet your dad."
I'm confused


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  • He's just a f. w. b., many people are deluded into thinking messaging is a good sign when in reality they're just trying to keep you somewhat interested to get laid consistently.


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  • Why don't you offer him to visit your dad. So how that goes


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