Gag confusing me?

Before i came here i am paying for my dates but here people saying that girls have to pay half.
Am o follish men for paying my dates always? what should i do?
I asked them privately then confused me more.


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  • There's no right or wrong approach. Does it bother you if you're paying? Do you want to be the sole/primary breadwinner in a relationship or are you looking for someone who will pay half the bills?
    Most of the guys I've dated have paid for both of us. I usually offer to pay my share and get told to put my money away, I've also paid the whole bill at times when in a relationship. I'll usually try to contribute in some way if they don't let me pay my share (like cook them a nice dinner on another date).

    • Wow.. that was nice ya
      That person who reject your money to became bread winer (trying to lead you) that is not fair no one have to rule other

    • Yes, I want to be a bread winer

    • This asker is trying to rule her girl by paying

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  • it depended on what you're comfortable with.. my bf makes a lot more money than me so he pays for everything usually. if you don't mind paying for dates, why not do it? if it bothers you, why not split the bill?

    • If you are earning less then why donot you split like this 75:25

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    • Yeah, that is fair if he getting 3x

    • You are offering coffee and so that was nice

  • Do what you are comfortable with, i've been on some dates where guys have insisted on paying for everything and others where we split it. Usually the guys with jobs paid for everything and the students insisted we split.

    • If both have jobs

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    • I mean if both have jobs who will pay

    • When courting I won't put up a fight if the guy offers to pay, I don't mind splitting either. I'm more impressed if he insists on paying inevitably.

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  • You are doing the right thing by paying when you take a lady out. As the gentleman, it is your responsibility for her to feel safe, cared for, taken care of, etc. And your chances of a second date will be immeasurably higher (even if she happened to offer to pay, it will hurt you). By treating her special like this, she will respect you, number one, and number two, treat you the best that she can. And this won't last forever. If she decides you are the one, it won't be long when things will became a bit more cordial and she can help out as well. Just don't miss your greatest opportunity by being that gentleman she is seeking.

    • Sir, this is2015

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    • The year doesn't matter. A man should still own his responsibilities as a man, and make his lady feel taken care of. No matter what they tell you, that's ultimately what they are craving. It has nothing to do with "equal rights" No one's rights are being infringed upon. Men and woman have different roles in these matters and it is far best to stay as close as possible within them, at least for the first several dates. Beyond that things will naturally work themselves out. Guys, if you have not done this in your dating, you are missing out incalculably! The results and response you will get from taking the lead are, (quite naturally), outstanding!

    • You applies gender roles that is stupidity

  • Don't ever let some bullshit you read on the internet supercede your real life experience.

  • I almost always pay when I go on a date. I just think it's polite

    • That means girls are not polite

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    • Yes, you are gently man but she is a gold digeer

    • It is polite, and the right thing to do. When you take a lady out, the last thing she is expecting is to have to pay! It has nothing to do with "gold-digging". She wants to see if you are able to take care of her, for an evening at least. So, woo her! This is all a test which many guys fail! What you will receive back from her in non-monetary value cannot be underestimated. You sound like a good guy. Keep it up!

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