Online Dating: Does he really like me or is he playing around with my heart?

To start things off, there's this guy who lives back in my hometown, 500 miles away me. This guy has nonstop messaged me for 4 months. He would flirt but I wouldn't because at first he seemed too confident which seemed a bit suspicious (a player I suspected). I finally caved in because he said he had feelings for me (those were his exact words). I realized that I liked the attention & the fact that he never gave up on me. I decided to tell him I liked him a lot too (my exact words). Two weeks have passed by and we call each other "sweetie" and "honey". The more I text him, the more I realize that he never bothers to ask me about my day or about my interests or anything about me. He prefers not to call and the topic of Skype has never once been brought up. He is an attractive guy and it just worries me that I got played. Does he really like me or is he just playing around with my heart? Or am I just over thinking this?
Thank you :)
(P. S. I will visit my hometown for the summer so I will get to see him)


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  • I would be suspicious as well. If he's interested in getting to know you better, shouldn't he be asking you about your personality and your life?


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