Why does he only speak open and seem keen when drunk?

We've been sort of seeing each other for a while.
he's not cold or anything, but whenever he goes out and drinks he tells me how I'm the first person he thinks of and he wants to see me, and is just generally much more honest, talkative, fun and open.
he's like that in person- but when he's sober and messages me he comes across as not keen.

Like I get that some people suck at messaging or don't like it- but I don't get this guy at all.
If he spoke to me how he does when he was drunk all the time id like him much more and would have slept with him by now lol
i feel like saying something.. Anyway that's the deal? And should I say anything


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What Guys Said 1

  • he's just a stoic dude that loosens up when he's had a drink. guys are bought up to hide their emotions. but drunk minds speak hidden truths, he likes you, jump his bones.

    • I'm waiting for him to be more open when he just messages me normally but it rarely happens
      Should I say something? I don't want to make him uncomfortable but he's a confident guy

    • Plus Id feel weird sleeping with him and having him still being like that lol

What Girls Said 1

  • A guy had this thing, he spoke way more openly with me, when he had had a drink, told me whatever was on his mind. We weren't in a relationship or anything like that, but we cared for each so much, but things just were complicated.

    • It's annoying hey, I just want consistency
      Did it get better over time?

    • It actually didn't get better... it was all really complicated so now we don't talk at all. Usually it would be something like he texted/called me, told me he had to end our "thing", delete from social medias etc, if he would ever have a chance with his ex.
      1-2 months later, I'd get a text from him, something like: "Hey... I know it's been a long time and that everything didn't go well between us, but how are you doing..:(?"
      Something like that happened at LEAST three times this time we've known each other and we haven't even known each other for so long. I wish the best for you though. :)

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